What’s the Story?

Many moons ago, I started out as a stage manager and production manager in the Seattle theater scene. My passion for events led to Gen Con, working on Star Wars Celebration IV. As a super Star Wars geek and serious production manager at heart, a new and exciting field of pop culture event production was born.
Since then I have worked on many events and I continue to share my passion and skills for events, productions and films.

As for the name “Dammit Liz”, I have to blame Paul and Storm for that. While working the main theater at PAXEast 2010, there was a running joke backstage that if anything went wrong it was Liz’s fault. As luck would have it, during Paul and Storm’s performance something did go wrong.  I worked with the team to fix the problem and communicated with Paul and Storm as to the solution.  In appreciation of my hard work, Paul brought me out on stage in front of the audience of 5,000.

“We agreed earlier that if anything was to go wrong tonight it would be Liz’s fault.” Paul explained to the crowd.
“On the count of three we are all going to say ‘Dammit Liz’. One, two, three…”

And a crowd of 5,000 people said, “Dammit Liz”.

And the name stuck.