Geeks Take Over the World – (and create world peace)

PAX Prime is this weekend and I am gearing up for the fun and excitement that comes with a convention such as this.  PAX is not only about video games and the culture that surrounds it, this convention has a community.  There is such as sense of belonging by all of those who attend.  I continue to hear stories from attendees who enjoy feeling “normal” at PAX.  Such an event offers that connection with others who share the same interests.  This subculture is more prominent than it used to be, and it’s growing.

Today I read an article describing the next Comic Con in the Middle East set for March 2011.  It reminds me how popular these ‘pop culture’ conventions have become.  Reed Pop (New York Comic Con, C2E2, Star Wars Celebration V) has a new comic convention in Singapore.  These geeks are taking over the world.

Our passion for comics, gaming and anime are shared around the world, it brings us closer together with a common interest.  Who knows, geeks may save the world by uniting nations with a common love of comic books and D&D.  That’s a movie I would love to see.

One thought on “Geeks Take Over the World – (and create world peace)”

  1. PAX Prime will be awesome this year. I may wear a surgical facemask, but it will still rock and roll. (Though it may affect my singing voice.)

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