Geek Girl Con this weekend!




This weekend is GeekGirlCon. I am so very excited because it means I will get to be at a con, which I love, and see so many friends (which I also love). This convention is very unique with it’s “geek girl” theme. The Geek Girl in general has had a growing presence over the past few years. We are on the rise. The success of the Geek Girls Exist panel at SDCC, the overwhelming support of The Force is with Katie, and the wildly funded Womanthology have demonstrated this growing presence of lady geeks. We have a desire for representation in this pop culture, geeky community.


GGC has a mix of programming, a sort of cross section between hardcore geek and feminist psychology. I am specifically interested in a few panels:

Feminism, Race, and Geek Culture: Perspectives from Women of Color

Oral History Live! With Jane Espenson

Character Studies: Geek Girls in Popular Culture

Killing Cattiness and Creating Community

There is also a great line up of guests representing the influence that women have in our geeky pop culture. Guests include:

Bonnie Burton (of and Star Wars crafting fame)

Marian Call (musician and a kick ass geeky lady)

Jane Espenson (writer and producer for such shows as Battlestar Galatica, Caprica, Firefly and many others)

Carrie and Katie Goldman (of the previously mentioned The Force is with Katie)

Gail Simone (comics writer for many titles including Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey)

The list goes on. The panelist line up is especially exciting (including my friend and w00tstock alum Amy Berg).

I’ll be taking notes, asking questions and snapping some photos. Check back to see what happened. (I’m kinda curious to see what happens when the feminists meet up with the Power Girl cosplayers)

For more info on the convention check out

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