Chainsawsuit Live!


Two Iron Thrones Tour

Chainsawsuit Live: The Two Iron Thrones Tour

Watch the metaphorical limbs fly as Kris Straub (Chainsawsuit, Broodhollow, Penny Arcade TV) and Mikey Neumann (Gearbox Creative Champion, The Returners: Season One, The Ending) suit up and hack away at over two hours of talk and comedy live on stage!

Mikey and Kris are taking their popular podcast to the stage. There will be interviews, fun, laughter, art–this is a show with guests from the world of video games, gaming, geeks, and web comics.

There is so much entertainment, we had to have TWO shows!


We are happy to announce that this show is brought to you by Card Kingdom! Thanks CK!

If you don’t know Card Kingdom, they are the coolest place to buy games, hang out and just be a geek in Seattle. Located in Ballard. You should check them out!

Card Kingdom


Thursday, August 29th [Tickets]

Friday, August 30th [Tickets]



Abby Howard

Abby was seen on PA’s Strip Search earlier this year. Following the show, she launched her super successful Kickstarter to produce her new webcomic: The Last Halloween. You can check out her popular webcomic, now in its first year.

Photo by Marie-France Coallier
Photo by Marie-France Coallier

John T. Drake

John Drake is the Director of Communications and Brand Management at Harmonix, where he oversees public relation efforts, social and web presences, and a team that is notorious for weird jokes and bizarre behavior online. John has launched all types of music games, including Rock Band, Dance Central, and now Fantasia: Music Evolved, having graduated from rocking to dancing to, finally, musical sorcery.

*   In the rare moments when he’s not on the internet, John spends his time flying around the world (as documented in the bizarre as hell “Super Drake Tracker 2000 EX”), appearing on behalf of all Harmonix games. He is also the drummer for The Main Drag, a lover of Pizza and Diet Coke, and a TV loving insomniac.


Nika Harper

Writer, Geek, Slytherin. Nika is a community coordinator for Riot Games and host of Wordplay on the Geek & Sundry vlog network.


Ashly Burch

Ashly is an actor, writer, and singer, which makes her indistinguishable from about 83% of the LA population. You can see her as Ash in the webseries Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’?  and the voice of Tiny Tina in Borderlands 2.



Brad Muir

Brad Muir has been at Double Fine for almost 10 years. He started as a gameplay programmer on Psychonauts, transitioned to design on Brütal Legend, and then led his first project – Iron Brigade. He’s currently leading the kickstarted tactical strategy game MASSIVE CHALICE. Brad hopes to continue spreading positivity on the internet while developing new IP’s at Double Fine!


Brad Muir

Bobak Ferdowsi

Known across the internet as a Mohawk enthusiast. He has been seen on Tabletop and on that Mars curiosity thing that one time.





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Brad Muir

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